Primary Servicing & Asset Management

Working on behalf of our clients, Cohen Financial is responsible for the loan administration, payment processing, tax, insurance, and UCC administration and monitoring compliance with loan documentation. We also analyze the performance of the underlying asset pledged as collateral and manage all aspects of the borrower client relationship, including all asset management responsibilities.

We have extensive experience in servicing most types of commercial and multi-family loans, including:

Portfolio lender servicing – We provide commercial loan servicing for a number of balance sheet lenders, including major insurance companies, banks and specialty finance companies. As a correspondent mortgage banker, we play a critical role on behalf of our borrower clients and the lender to ensure open and transparent communications.

Interim and CMBS servicing – We provide commercial loan interim and securitized servicing on behalf of lending institutions for commercial and multi-family loans that will (or have been) securitized. Our client list is comprised of major banks, investment banking firms and specialty finance companies. Our ability to help our borrower clients navigate the increasingly complex capital markets waters is a significant benefit for all parties involved.

Structured Finance servicing – We provide servicing for complex structured finance debt instruments on behalf of specialty finance companies, institutional high yield funds and major financial institutions. These loans often have cash management structures in place, with reserves that require active management and oversight on properties that are in various stages of development and/or rehabilitation/transition.